How Much Does A Content Writing Service Cost?

Person Using MacbookThere is a phrase that stuck in our heads when we started working in Digital Marketing. Content is king. If it is the king, the queen, the princess. It’s everything. It is the cornerstone of digital presence and is crucial to building brand awareness, increasing conversions, and generating quality traffic.

But how much does a content writing service cost? How much does it cost to create quality content? In order to create quality content, you must have a content strategy that revolves around the creation, publication and distribution of content to a target audience in order to attract traffic and consequently new customers.

Unless you have a team of writers in your company, it is most likely that you need to hire a content writing service for your business website, for the blog and even for different marketing actions (email marketing, social media, etc).

Today we are going to answer the question: How much does a content writing service cost? Starting with the most important:

Why do I need to hire a content writing agency? .

There are countless reasons why it is necessary to invest in a content strategy and its development. Here’s why, as an SME, you should hire a content writing agency:

Content marketing increases brand awareness .

Attractive content builds trust. If your target audience finds that the content you are sharing or creating is engaging, entertaining, or useful, they will consider you a trusted resource. If you want to build trust and be at the top of mind of your clients, you must develop and execute a well thought out and professional content strategy. That is why you should turn to marketing professionals who can study your business and your target audience to develop content that can benefit you and bring quality traffic.

Content marketing helps in generating conversions .

Gray Laptop Computer Turned-onIf you offer quality content that is attractive and interesting to your target audience, it is very likely that they will stay longer on your website, which increases the chances that they will become a sale (or request information). If you develop a content strategy, you can ensure that your target audience continues to interact with new products that you can offer on your website. This type of strategy can be offered to you by a content and writing professional.

The generation of content contributes to SEO.

Most of the content writing projects that go into Imagine Hub are for blogs and websites that need help with SEO. If you hire an agency like us, we can write articles that are aligned with the SEO strategy. In blog articles we include keywords throughout the article, in the title, subtitles, etc. We also write the meta tags and suggest striking images to accompany the article.